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Stafford Michel

Insurance & investment planning, finance consultant

Having more than 15 years in the Financial Services industry, Stafford is well equipped to work as a member of the Cabinet Alescio & Stafford- Financial and Insurance Services team created to provide total solutions to clients. As a result of his years in the financial insurance industry, Stafford has a well-developed understanding of insurance looks forward to identifying solutions for financial planning services for his clients. As a Financial Security Advisor, he is able to deliver all the key elements of financial planning to clients while maintaining a degree of objectivity demanded by more sophisticated clients. Stafford believes in taking a Financial Planning approach to Investment Strategy and has always maintained focus on the Client’s « Big Picture », by tying together debt management, retirement planning, estate issues, tax strategy, and insurance needs. In essence creating a map, then together, marking out the route necessary to reach the desired destination(s). Stafford’s approach to investing is, firstly, to preserve capital and from there, follows a very disciplined process to achieve returns while minimizing risk.


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