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The financial statements of a company
The financial statements of a company represents an important source of information when making strategic financial decisions. The results, among others, is a financial statement showing the financial value of a company at a specified date.

The financial balance sheet are defined by the assets and liabilities of the company. From the asset side, there are assets in the short term (eg the stock of business) and assets (long-term, ex.: Buildings, vehicles). While the liability side, but with the passive short-term (eg, debts owed to suppliers), the long term (eg loan taken over 10 years) and capital (assets of owners and shareholders ). The rule of the state's financial balance sheet is that assets should always equal liabilities plus equity.

The income statement, it represents the financial statement that outlines the performance of a business over a period of time (usually a year). In closeup, he is the calculation of net profits determined by income subtract the expenses of the company.

The main use of a financial statement is used to compare over time the performance of the company relative to its past performance, but also in relation to external companies. Moreover, there is a wide selection of ratios used to summarize specific features of the financial position of an enterprise. In short, these data can be gathered through the compilation of various financial statements.