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Life Insurance
Permanent Insurance

Many companies offer different kinds of permanent insurance. Simply put, permanent insurance is designed to provide insurance for the rest of your life, guaranteed.

Term Insurance

Term insurance can be used to cover a variety of insurance needs, such as a mortgage, personal or business loans or replacement of income after a death, to name just a few. Its real strength is in providing larger amounts of coverage at a lower cost. This can be especially important to a young family with small children where there is a need to provide financial security, at low cost, for the years when the children are financially dependent on their parents.

As the name implies, term insurance is designed to provide coverage for a specific number of years, or "term". Term insurance is relatively inexpensive coverage for individuals and businesses. But you should keep in mind that most term policies have a set renewal period. At the end of this period, you'll need to 'renew' the policy at new premium rates. Since age is a major factor in pricing insurance, the cost of your insurance will increase based on your age.

Universal Life Insurance

Is the most flexible life insurance available today. You can customize your plan when you buy it, or easily make changes later on. And universal life offers you the opportunity for tax-advantaged investing. This gives you the chance to increase your wealth by investing money within your policy.


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